Tuesday, August 2, 2011

My first encounter with Catrice - Dirty Berry + Epic Nail Mail!

After almost three weeks, my nail mail from Austria has finally arrived! I was getting really worried, because it would have been one hell of an expensive package to get lost in the mail!

So much thanks to Caroline for get all these Catrice and Essence polishes for me. I would have never been able to get them otherwise (I can't even find these on Evil Bay!). I have included photos of my epic nail mail below, get drooling!

Catrice - Dirty Berry (artificial light)
Of all the polishes I have ordered, Catrice Dirty Berry is the one I want the most, so much so I ordered two bottles! Dirty Berry is a blueish muted purple (my favorite polish shade) with tiny silver holo shimmers. It is just absolutely gorgeous, see for yourself!

I have had difficulties trying to capture the holos, but finally I was able to do so under my kitchen lights lol

Can you see the holo goodness?
Here are some photos of the goodies I received from Austria. I think my bf almost fainted when he saw how many polishes I got from this package...

Top L to R: Catrice Dirty Berry x 2, I Scream Peach!, I Sea You!
Bottom L to R: I Wear Sunglasses At Night, Back to Black, Hip Queens Wear Blue Jeans, Sir! Yes Sir!, Lost in Mud
Essence 50's Girls Reloaded (Limited Edition)
L to R: Essence Mystic Wish!, Magic Wand! (both from the Magnetics collection), White, Silver & Black stampy polish, Quick Dry Spray
L to R: Essence Julia, Troy, Hello Holo, Circus Confetti, It's Purplelicious
Caroline is so sweet to include some yummies from Austria!  
Rest assured I'd be slowly swatching through all my new polishes!Until then my lovely readers, g'nite!

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