Monday, October 24, 2011

Catherine Arley #673 + Stamping

Hello ladies! This is my first time trying to stamp a full nail pattern, and I must admit I definitely need more practice! I have trouble transferring the whole pattern to my bigger nails (namely thumbs and middle fingers), but other than that I quite like this abstract pattern from fauxard plate m36. I used Essence special silver stamping polish here.

Catherine Arley #673 - two coats with base and top coat
My base color is Catherine Arley #673. After eight months, my Catherine Arley order from Belgium have finally arrived! It is a bit annoying that these polishes have no names, but #673 is a lovely grape purple scattered holo. I like how the holo effect is soft, and yet it is still noticeable even under dim lights. It is almost worth the wait! I have no problem with the formula, and with two easy coats I get full opacity.

So pretty!
I have yet to try the other Catherine Arley holos, so watch this space for more swatches very soon!


Anonymous said...

This is really pretty!

Batool Jafri said...

love it!!