Sunday, September 23, 2012

Saran Wrap Mani for Fall

Saran wrap mani: China Glaze Below Deck on middle and pinky finger, Essie Merino Cool on index and ring finger, all layered with China Glaze Swing Baby

Saran wrap mani, cling wrap mani, glad wrap mani, however you call it, is one of the simplest DIY nail art techniques where you don't need to be Leonardo Da Vinci to make it look awesome and artistic!

All you need to do is scrunch up a small piece of saran wrap, apply a small amount of polish on it, then dab the saran wrap lightly on your nails, it is that simple! The finishing look is so soft and elegant, and it definitely adds an interesting touch to an otherwise unremarkable mani!

Fall has finally arrived in Hong Kong, so I pull out two polishes that remain me of my favorite season. Although China Glaze Below Deck and Essie Merino Cool are very similar,the latter lean towards a blue/grey shade, whilst Below Deck is more pink/purple based and has a warmer tone. You probably don't need both unless you are a polish addict like me!

So how do you like the saran wrap nail art technique? Have you tried it out yet? If you have, I'd love to check it out!

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Lacqueerisa said...

Love it!! I love the colour you used for this mani!