Friday, February 17, 2012

A possible Peridot dupe? Missha HGR01

Missha HGR01 - two coats with no top coat

Missha HGR01 is one of the goodies I brought back from Seoul. It is a green, teal and gold multichrome with a frosty metallic finish. Now although I do not own the famed Chanel Peridot, I believe HGR01 could possibly be a close dupe, where Peridot leans more towards the green/gold shift, and the latter shows more of a teal flash.

Formula of HGR01 is good, and you can get away with one coat with careful application. I have later tried to use it for stamping, and the result is quite pleasing! One thing to note though, the brush of all Missha polishes is extraordinary wide, even wider than the OPI pro-wide brush!

I am going to leave you with a few swatch photos to drool over, and until next time, take care my readers!

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Anonymous said...

Love the colour!