Friday, July 29, 2011

Comparison - Nubar Gem vs. Jewel

Today I am doing a comparison between Nubar Gem and Jewel. I rarely do swatch comparison, so I hope you will like it!

Nubar Gem (L) vs Nubar Jewel (R)
When I received these two bottles, I was surprised at how similar they are. Both are from the Nubar Prisms Collection, where Gem is of a lighter brown shade than Jewel.

L to R: Jewel, Gem, Jewel Gem
As you can see on my nails, while both polishes have a brown base, Gem has a strong purple undertone, and Jewel is a medium brown. Although both are packed with scattered holographic glitters, the sparkles on Jewel appear to be more colorful. I am guessing this is because the holo effect is more apparent with a darker base color?

L to R: Jewel, Gem, Jewel Gem
I can't quite decide which one I like better. They are both unique in their own way. Do you prefer Gem or Jewel?


Jeanie said...

I did a skittle mani of all the Nubar Holo's including Reclaim. Loved it! Thanks for showing the difference between the two upclose, it's kind of hard to see a big difference in person!

♥ Sarah Claire ♥ said...

I'm loving both :D

Nailderella said...

thanks for your comparison! I love comparison post because it's always so useful!
I have Gem and as you said there are some lavender peachy undertones in it and I like it a lot.
Jewel is also pretty because you can see the rainbow effect more!

Unknown said...

I tend to like darker holos but the lighter one is pretty for a scattered.. thanks for the comparison