Monday, July 18, 2011

Black Dazzle

Black Dazzle under room light

Black Dazzle is the name I give to this BK polish. I think the name is pretty self-explanatory really; it is a black holo polish that dazzles under bright lights!

As you can see in the photos, the linear holo effect of this polish is pretty awesome. Rainbow sparkles are screaming out from this manicure. I cannot wait to see my nails under bright sunlight!

The formula of the polish is relatively nice. It appears to be a bit streaky and uneven on the first coat, but a second coat evens everything out. Applying a top coat also does not dull the holo effect, which is a plus. The above manicure is done with a coat of SV nail treatment, 2 coats of Black Dazzle, and a coat of CND super shine.

BK polish is apparently a Korean brand; however I have only seen this polish being sold in one place in HK so far. I wish it is more accessible so I can get my hands on more holo goodness!

Do you like this holo polish as much as I do?


Minty said...


Polishedcomponents said...

So pretty! I love this as well

Nailderella said...

I looks so pretty! It's so holo!!!!!
I asked you on FB, what was the real name of it. Is there one?

Anonymous said...

Yup, I am in love!

♥ Sarah Claire ♥ said...

Love it!!!

CaCa said...

Nailderella: it's called BK Nail Polish

Rach said...

I just wanted to thank you for letting me know about this brand! I've just been to get a stash after you commented and they look awesome - just wish the bottles were bigger! Can't WAIT to try the black one :D

Thanks again

Rach (from