Friday, July 15, 2011

Holo Heaven!

Hello fellow polish lovers! If you love holo polishes as much as I do, then you would be as excited as I am, because I have finally tracked down some holo polishes locally from HK!

As we all know, it is very difficult, and often expensive, to track down the coveted and often discontinued holo polishes from OPI and China Glaze (i.e. Designer Series, OMG! and Kaleidoscope collection). So you could imagine my excitement when I called up the shop and the lady says the holos are in stock!

L to R: Pale Lilac, Lavender, Berry Pink, Black Dazzle
I decided to bring back four babies home. These polishes are from a brand called BK (I think Born Pretty sells the creme version of this brand?). There are no names for these polishes, so I decided to name them myself. 

The BK holo polishes have very strong linear holographic effect with scattered rainbow sparkles. I would say they are similar to the Nfu Oh holo polishes, except the BK holos are more glossy! How awesome is that! 

The black holo polish is my favorite one out of all. It is simply mesmerizing! I do not own the holo version of OPI My Private Jet!, but I have a feeling they are pretty close.

Black Dazzle in a bottle

Black Dazzle (#114) swatches on nail wheel
 The above photo clearly shows the strong linear holo effect of Black Dazzle, and my crappy iPhone camera does not even do it justice! 

Pale Lilac from the bottle
Lavender in bottle

Pale Lilac (#111) and Lavender (#113) on nail wheel
Pale Lilac (#111) is a very pale lilac holo polish, while Lavender (#113) is in the shade of purple mauve. For some reason it is easier to capture the holo effect with light shades, so the above photo should give you a very good idea of the holo goodness of the BK polishes!

You may also see the difference between linear and scattered holo polishes. #44 is How About A Tumble from China Glaze Kaleidoscope Collection. It is more of a scattered holo, but nevertheless just as pretty.

Berry Pink from bottle
Berry Pink (#112) swatched on nail wheel
 Berry Pink (#112) reminds me very much of Tickle My Triangle (#45) or QT from China Glaze. It is a lovely dark pink holo polish. Again I apologize for the crappy photo, it looks 100 times better in real life, trust me!

I also have nothing to complain about the formula of these BK polishes. They are easy to apply, dry time is very quick, and I can get full opacity with just two coats. If I have to be pedantic and picky, then I would like their brushes to be longer, but since they are mini size bottles (6ml or 2fl.oz each), it would be an unrealistic request.

Overall I am over the moon I found these BK polishes. The shop sells about 10 different colors from the BK holo range, so I will definitely go back and buy some more (unfortunately the shop does not have all the colors swatched on the wheel below)!

The shop lady is nice enough to let me take a photo of their nail wheel. I bought #3, #5, #17, and #20 from the above wheel


Rachel said...

those are happy yummy!!!! i wish i could get these, i would be on them like white on rice! :)

Anonymous said...

Wow!!! These polishes are awesome!!!!

TraceFace said...


Liz said...

Ooooo I want the black one

Unknown said...

these are all gorgeous :D

shel xx

Girly Bits said...

Very Nice. How much are these selling for?

CaCa said...

@Pam: I got them for $4.5USD each :)

Jenn said...

oh wow! That's a steal! Are they mini size? or 15 ml?

CaCa said...

they are mini size, so $4.50 for 6ml...I wish they come in full bottle size!

Nailderella said...

wow, they have a lot of different colors!!

Ink said...

gosh, how I wish singapore would have them too;D

Kejal Shah said...

hi Caca, how r u doing?

I m again plannng to visit hkg maybe in June. Can u pls tell me whr can I find these???