Wednesday, July 13, 2011

Epic Nail Day! Nail Wheels, Polish Drawer, and Swap Package Arrived!

What a day! Almost everything revolved around nail polish, just the way I like it!

Firstly, my new polish drawer was delivered and put together by my bf today. Finally my polishes have a proper storage place!

My New Polish Drawer
A quick glance of my top drawer

As you can see, it has four drawers where each drawer can hold ~70 polishes. Hopefully it will take me awhile to fill it up as I currently have 98 polishes (not including topcoats, basecoats and minis). I have put all my polishes in the top two drawers, and the bottom drawers are for other nail products such as stamping stencils, dotting tools, nail wheels, and whatnot. 

Then my first international swap package from the lovely Kristin has arrived! I felt like I was in polish heaven when I opened the box, so many goodies that I have been waiting for!

Epic swap package!

Awesome handmade magnets and ring from Kristin! Love them!
Check out the little giftbox wrapped with cute monkey ribbon, isn't that just gorgeous? Inside are two fridge magnets and a ring handmade by Kristin herself! Check out her blog if you are interested in buying these lovelies from her!

I have also just received some nail wheels yesterday, so I decided to do a few wheels according to color shades tonight. It is definitely a fast way to test out all my new and untried polishes!

Purple Nail Wheels

Pink Nail Wheel

Blue Nail Wheels
All in all, it has been a good day. I am anticipating more nail mails to arrive this week, hopefully they would get here soon!


Bookworm Nails said...

Nice! I should get something like this to organize my polishes too! I like your swatch wheels too.

Unknown said...

looks like a brilliant day :) i love your storage

shel xx