Monday, July 25, 2011

A somewhat fail-mani on my behalf

After debating whether I should blog about my semi-fail mani, I decided that I would so you could learn from mistake.

OPI Grape-Set-Match layered with Servin' Up Sparkles
What is the mistake you may ask? Well there is nothing wrong with the polishes themselves, but more so with the way I applied it. For those polish addicts out there, you would recognize that this mani is done with the OPI "Grand Slam! England" Serena set, the last installment of their collection. The purple "base" polish is called "Grape-Set-Match", while the glitter top coat is named "Servin' Up Sparkles".

Anyway back to my fail nails. On its own, Grape-Set-Match is a gorgeous shimmery purple packed with red and blue micro glitters. It reminds me of a lighter version of the Skinfood polish I blogged about earlier.

Grape-Set-Match by itself
However, I do not like the finish look after I have layered it with Servin' Up Sparkles. Don't get me wrong, Servin' Up Sparkles is a very blingy, clear base polish loaded with tiny silver glitters and large hexagon flakes, but because I tried to get more of those large flakes off the brush and onto my nails, I overdid with the glitters and my nails ended up looking like they have dandruff on them. It is not a very flattering look at all (on nails or on head)!

So the moral of the story: don't be greedy trying to apply too much glitter onto your nails!


Jeanie said...

Pretty! But thanks for the tip, I've done the same thing, more isn't always better.

Geo58 said...

I love both the original color and with the sparkly accents. Does that mean you don't like the polish at all? Can't it be used on other things? I think it's super and maybe you are too hard on yourself.

However, I feel your pain, but you have such gorgeous nails! I love this, application! <3


George :)

Rach said...

I think it looks really lovely in the photos!

Nailderella said...

I've done that with another glitter top coat and I didn't like how it turned...But here, on you, I don't realize there is sth wrong. It does look really pretty!