Saturday, July 30, 2011

A Unique Holo Beauty - China Glaze Let's Do It In 3-D

Let's Do It In 3-D, two coats with no base or top coat (artificial light)
Thanks to Chelsea, I have been able to kill one of my biggest lemmings - Let's Do It In 3-D from China Glaze. It is from the much coveted but discontinued Kaleidoscope collection.

Let's Do It In 3-D is a charcoal grey polish packed with diamond-like scattered holographic glitters. It is a special polish because its unique shade stands out amongst a sea of pink, purple, blue and black holos. Although the Kaleidoscope polishes are known for their scattered holo goodness, the holo effect for Let's Do It In 3-D is so strong,you can spot a subtle linear holo under some angles (see my middle finger and you will know what I mean).

The formula is pretty easy to apply. A bit watery on the first coat, but it evens itself out after the second coat. Rumor has it that some top coat would dull holo polish, so I am always wary when applying a top coat with holo. the photo below compares whether the rumor is valid, at least with this particular holo and CND Super Shine.

L to R finger: w/ top coat, no top coat, w/ top coat, no top coat
I have applied top coat on both my index and ring fingers, and as you can see, there really isn't much difference. The top coat initially did dull the holo effect, but it returned to its awesomeness once the top coat dried out.

Thanks to international swaps, I am now the proud owner of 10 polishes (out of 12) from the Kaleidoscope Collection. Let's Do It In 3-D is definitely my favorite one I have tried out so far. Do you like it as much as I do? Which one is your favorite from the collection?


KarenD said...

So very pretty! Why they can't re-release this like the re-did Wizard of Oz, I have no idea.

CaCa said...

I have the same Q as you Karen, then I read from somewhere that polish companies are having difficulties producing holo polishes. I am guessing either the cost is too much, or it's hard to source the holo materials. Either way it sucks!

Kejal Shah said...

hey nice polish! do u get these in hong kong?