Tuesday, May 14, 2013

Peri My Holo Heart - my first holo creation!

Peri My Holo Heart - my first handmade holo polish, two coats with top coat

Since periwinkle is my favorite polish shade, it is no surprise that the first holo polish I made is a periwinkle/cornflower linear holo. Given it is my first experiment with Spectraflair (SF), this polish is a tad too opaque for the prismatic pigments to really shine through. A handy tip if you want to create a holo polish with Spectraflair; add SF to a jelly color base so that the holo effect is more prominent, and that you won't end up adding (wasting) more SF than required!

Anyway I am quite happy with my first attempt, and apparently one of the girls from a nail polish group on FB is too! She likes it so much she wanted to buy Peri My Holo Heart from me, so I actually have sold my first ever polish! That is such a nice surprise, and totally not expected!

I have since then whipped up more holo polishes, and will be showing them to you very soon! If I could create one holo polish, what color would you like to see the most? Any suggestions are most welcome!


Unknown said...

Such a pretty periwinkle! Have you tried watering it down with extra clear polish so it has more holo effect?

Kimberley said...

Really pretty!

CaCa said...

@Michaela: yep, i have since made another one with more clear polish, and the holo is more obvious! :)

@tikibarbie: thank you! <3

Tina said...

beautiful color!