Thursday, April 18, 2013

NerdLacquer Harlow Exclusive: Batcave and Scully

NerdLacquer Harlow Exclusive - Batcave, two coats with top coat

NerdLacquer Harlow Exclusive - Batcave

NerdLacquer Harlow Exclusive - Batcave

Today I have the rest of the NerdLacquer Harlow Exclusive Trio for you (you can read about my first post on Han Shot First here). First up is Batcave, described as "a deep charcoal with silver and black microglitter, a hint of cobalt in the base, plus big square black glitter, medium hex royal lase and purple glitter, and medium and micro silver holo", it is definitely as complex and mystical as the description suggests. Love the holographic sparkle the hex gives out amongst a sea of dark glitters, and although Batcave dries on the gritty side, two coats of top coat would give you a glossy, glassy finish.

NerdLacquer Harlow Exclusive - Scully, two coats with top coat

NerdLacquer Harlow Exclusive - Scully

NerdLacquer Harlow Exclusive - Scully

Next is Scully. A peachy-nude with white and silver hex and glitters that come in various sizes and shapes, it also has a lovely blue-violet flash.While I love the blue-violet shimmer, unfortunately Scully hates my skintone. It makes my fingers look dirty, and I think Scully would suit girls with a paler skin color. Nevertheless, it is still gorgeous and quite unique!

So there you have it, the NerdLacquer Harlow Exclusive Trio. Which one is your favorite?


Kimberley said...

Batcave is really cool.

CaCa said...

i agreed @TikiBarbie :)