Thursday, April 11, 2013

NerdLacquer Harlow Exclusive - Han Shot First

NerdLacquer Harlow Exclusive - Han Shot First, two coats with top coat

I am beyond excited to bring you my very first NerdLacquer! I missed the boat before Amanda went into hiatus, but like many in the polish world, we are totally over the moon when Amanda announced her comeback!

Han Shot First is part of the NerdLacquer trio exclusive to Harlow & Co. Described by Amanda as "a deep dusty teal with giant gold square glitter, medium square turquoise glitter, gold small and micro, smallish holo hex", Han Shot First is incredibly pigmented, where you could easily get away with just one thick coat. The formula is perfect, albeit it dries on the gritty side, so a generous layer of top coat will give you the glossy finish.

I am very impressed with my first Nerd, and although I am not a Star Wars fan, I can definitely appreciate the humor in the polish name! I still have to swatch the remaining polishes from the trio (namely Scully and Batcave), so watch this space!

Purchase Info: The NerdLacquer Harlow Exclusives can be purchased from Harlow & Co. They are currently sold out, but you can get the latest restock information if you follow Harlow & Co on Facebook.


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Love Nerdlacquer polishes, but haven't been lucky enough to get any since Amanda came back. They are so elusive! Heading over to Harlow.