Thursday, July 12, 2012

Orly Butterfly, another gorgeous jelly polish!

Orly Butterfly - two coats with no top coat
As you may have noticed lately, I have been on a jelly craze, so I am absolutely delighted with Orly Butterfly, a bubblegum pink jelly (swatch pics are more pink than it is in real life) that complements my skin tone so well!

Opaque in two coats, and yet it still has the glossy and squishy finish that I love so much, Butterfly has become one of my favorite jellies of all time! My nails look so yummy I almost want to lick them haha! I can see Butterfly will be my go-to summer polish, and I look forward to trying various layering combination with it!


Unknown said...

It does look awesome with your skin tone! You will use this one a lot.

<3 Shannon

cathryn said...

ive never seen this before. its so pretty!

Unknown said...

That's a pretty bubblegum pink! I love jellies too :)