Thursday, July 5, 2012

A Brazilian Beauty! Sebrina Sabo Quero Amor with Zoya Pinta

Apologies for my lack of posts lately, I have had a few cuts to my cuticles so I have to put a stop to swatching, but I'm back now!

Sebrina Sata Quero Amor - one coat over Zoya Pinta

I received an awesome swap package from a very nice Brazilian girl earlier this week, and amongst all the beauties, Quero Amor, a flakie by Sebrina Sabo Passe Nati, is my favorite. Irregular duochrome flakes that shift from blue to green, Quero Amor is also packed with pink microshimmers that make this polish stands out from the rest of the flakies.  I also love the density of Quero Amor, as one coat would give you a very good coverage.

Check out that shimmer!

I always prefer to use a dark color base because it could show off the flakie better, so this time I used Zoya Pinta, a very dark royal blue creme with a hint of purple. It has the typical perfect Zoya formula, and it is a one coater! Here is a photo of Pinta on its lonesome:

Zoya Pinta - one coat