Monday, January 30, 2012

Nail Art with my favorite Zoyas

Hello girls! Today I have a simple nail art mani for you, using two of my favorite Zoyas - Kelly and Caitlin!

Zoya Kelly with Zoya Caitlin for tips

I applied Kelly as my base, then used the Scotch tape technique to do the tips with Caitlin. To finish the mani off (or rather, to cover the imperfect line of my tape mani), I drew a silver line between the two colors with Nubar silver art pen.

I quite like the color combination, and I have received a few compliments from others! What do you think? Have you tried this mani before?


Anonymous said...

Love the colours together!!

Marisa said...

I love it!! So pretty.

PassionForPolish said...

Looks great! Lol I always use a stripe of colour to cover up my join line if it isn't perfect :) Either that or I stamp across it!

fingers said...

This is so pretty!! I love these two colors together!