Thursday, January 12, 2012

Layering: Missha Pink Pearl over Essie Power Clutch

Missha Pink Pearl top coat (one coat) over Essie Power Clutch (two coats)

I have had this Missha Pink Pearl top coat hidden away for awhile now, and finally I get to try it today! It is a clear base top coat packed with multicolor shimmers, and boy am I totally wowed by the gorgeous effect! This top coat gives out a soft, almost pastel-looking shimmery look, and all the different colors just blow me away. Here is a closer look:

Isn't it just amazing? I can see yellow, lilac, pink, blue, orange and green tiny shimmers shining through. This would definitely jazz up any creme polish to make it a little extra special!

Essie Power Clutch - two coats
And here is Essie Power Clutch by itself. It is a dark grey creme from the 2011 Fall Collection. Formula is good and easy to apply, and it is such an appropriate shade for the Fall/Winter. It also makes a great base for layering because of its darker color, I can't wait to play around with it some more!


Nailderella said...

wow, there are so many colors in this top coat! pretty!

Marisa said...

Great combo!! So pretty ;0)

Bear Woods said...

I like that Essie on it's own but now when I saw your sparkler the base color looks so lame and with a top coat looks amazing