Thursday, November 24, 2011

Holy Moly! Tony Moly - GT02 Earth

Tony Moly GT02 Earth - two coats with no top coat

I am a bit late to the party, and you must have seen swatches of this polish floating around the cyberspace by now, but still here I present you with GT02 Earth from Tony Moly!

Check out the glitters!

Earth is from the Tony Moly Galaxy Collection, and is quite a complex polish. It has a semi-jelly black base, and is packed with tiny pink, green, blue and silver glitters. Although it dries on the gritty side, and that I don't usually like glitter polishes, I still love how mysterious and sparkly Earth looks!

A Bottle Shot
My friend got this polish for me when she was visiting Seoul, but you may also buy Earth (and the rest of the collection) from eBay. Since I plan to visit Seoul myself early next year, I will wait to get the rest of the collection then!


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It looks so different on the nails than in the bottle. It's a really cool polish! :)