Thursday, November 3, 2011

Chemistry Holos Skittle Swatch

When I went back to Melbourne in September for a family visit/ holiday, I picked up a few Chemistry polishes, namely holos and duochromes. You may not have heard of Chemistry, but it is the same polish as Ozotic Pro (just under a different name). Even the polish codes are the same.

Chemistry Skittle Swatch - all two coats
Doesn't this look like rainbow skittles on my nails? All the Chemistry holos are so pretty, with such a strong linear prismatic effect!

#513 is a grape purple holo, #522 is a pink mauve, #516 is a pale pinkish lilac, and #518 is the famous Ozotic true red holo. The formula of these is faultless; no bald spots and is pretty much opaque after two easy coats.

I am really in love with these Chemistry polishes! Unfortunately, they are only sold within Australia via Essential Beauty. If you are not from Australia, you could pick these up under the Ozotic Pro brand at a slightly higher price. I can't wait to get more Chemistry when I go back to Australia next time!


Unknown said...

They all look amazing! I'm drooling.... wow!

Nailderella said...

gorgeous!! I love them all!!lol

Rainbowify Me said...

Wow, they're amazing. I'm in love with 513 and 518. :)

Fashion Footing said...

GAaahhh!! Gorgeous!

Shannara said...

they look amazing love them all!