Friday, August 19, 2011

A First with Ozotic Pro - 624 Grape Holo

Ozotic Pro - 624 (color appears slightly darker than in real life)
It is unfortunate that I learned about this Aussie polish brand after I left Australia. Fortunately though, I managed to get my hand on 624 via MUA!

Since Ozotic Pro only uses codes for its polishes, I have taken the liberty and named it Grape Holo (not very original I know, but still it is better than just number). It is really pretty obvious why I called it Grape Holo, because it is grape purple packed with chunky holo glitters. This polish has a scattered holo effect, but it is more blingy than say the Milanis or Nubar Prisms holos because the glitter pieces are bigger.

Again, slightly darker than actual color
The formula of the polish is a tiny bit on the thick side, and I came across a couple of bald spots, but nothing another coat cannot rectify.

Yay! Finally a color accurate photo

Overall I am quite pleased by Grape Holo, and I will definitely be getting more Ozotic Pro when I go back to Aussie Land next month, I can't wait!


Nail Designs xox said...

ooo such a pretty color. Where can this brand be bought?

Anonymous said...

WOW! looks awesome.

CaCa said...

I think you can order them online from Picture Polish website :)

Sandra said...

it's gorgeous!

Periwinkle said...

So beautiful! Please keep the swatches coming :)