Monday, August 8, 2011

Christmas Come Early - China Glaze Crystal Ball

China Glaze Crystal Ball (artificial light)
China Glaze Crystal Ball has long been discontinued and is considered as a HTF (hard to find), so I was quite surprised to find it in a local shop in HK! After some consideration, I decided I need to get this brand new baby!

Crystal Ball is wine red/burgundy with tiny holo and silver glitters. It reminds me a lot of Christmas with its base color and sparkles. I believe this polish is before the "Big-3 free" days, because it has the old black label on the bottom, and also the awful strong smell that non Big-3 free polishes have. But aside from that, I have no problem with the application.

I am glad to add this to my HTF China Glaze collection besides OMG! and Kaleidoscope. I now have my eyes on Grape Crush. These lemmings just keep popping up, when would I be able to kill them all?


Anonymous said...

This is a very pretty polish!

AnGeLiQuE said...

Aw you're so lucky! It's such a gorgeous polish!