Thursday, December 22, 2011

Awesomeness in Cult Nails Unicorn Puke

After drooling over the many swatches online, my very own Unicorn Puke has finally arrived! My friend Jeanie has sent me her extra Unicorn Puke as part of our swap, and I feel so honored to be one of the 275 owners of this special edition polish released by Cult Nails!

Cult Nails Unicorn Puke - one coat layered over OPI Road House Blues

Unicorn Puke is a multicolor flakie polish with a light purple jelly base. I can see flashes of orange, copper, blue, green, pink and purple as the flakes shift color under different light settings. This polish is simply breathtaking!! What is even more amazing is that Unicorn Puke, unlike other flakies (Nubar 2010, I'm looking at you) is so dense, I only need one coat to achieve the above effect, love it!

My bottle is #259 
I layered Unicorn Puke over OPI Road House Blues (a dark blue creme) because I thought it would show off the beauty of Unicorn Puke the best. I just can't get enough of the rainbow flakies dancing on my nails, I don't think I have ever seen any polish like this! Having said that, other brands are hot on Cult Nails' heels and are releasing similar multicolor flakies, namely Picture Polish with Festival, and Finger Paints with Twisted. It seems like flakies will be next year's big polish trend, which I welcome with open arms because flakies are so much fun!

I am going to leave you with more swatches to gush over this mesmerizing polish, enjoy!

A bottle shot of Unicorn Puke, have you seen anything more amazing?



Marisa said...

Very pretty!! Congrats on getting your own bottle.

Kristy said...

Lovely, Fantastic pics of this one

Amelia said...

one word - jealous! x