Wednesday, September 28, 2011

A perfect Fall color - Zoya Jana

Finally, after months of sweating in the scorching heat, I can feel a hint of autumn breeze! With Fall being my favorite season, it is also a nice coincidence that I love Fall colors, namely dusky taupe shades!

Zoya Jana - two coats with base and top coat
Today I have for you Zoya Jana, a taupe creme with shades of brown, purple and grey. I don't know why, and my bf has said I have lost my mind, but for some bizarre reason, I think of chocolate mushroom when I see Jana on my nails. WTH is chocolate mushroom? Well I did a quick google search and came up with this:

So these looks nothing like Jana, but nevertheless they look yummy!
Anyway, back to Jana. Like I have come to expect from Zoya nowadays, the formula is perfect. You do not need to be a nail tech to have a flawless mani with Jana.

Jana may not be the most unique shade in the polish world (similar shades like China Glaze Below Deck, Essie Marino Cool comes to mind), but I can never get enough of these shades! I can totally see myself wearing Jana a lot in the next couple of months!

That's it from me for my dear readers, until next time!


Unknown said...

It is a great fall color! Have to put it on my wishlist.

jess//hello, polish! said...

omg its such a great color! i dont even think i have anything like this in my collection..i want it now!! ahhh lol

beachgal said...

I have a good collection of Zoyas - never enough of course! I am adding Jana on to my always sitting there Zoya shopping list. Ya never know when they have one of their 24 hr sales that you get an email notice and find it about 1hr before it ends! So I am always ready with a shopping cart! Reminds me - I need to put in an order by the 30th or I loose $10.50 on spoon credits! Know there are other 'like' shades to this in my stash - but this one is speaking to me and I really like Zoya's formula. They ship fast too which is great.

beachgal said...

just went to add it to my Zoya shopping list and see it's part of the Smoke collection. I bought the entire Mirrors collection & 4 from Smoke - and Jana is one of them - she is sitting in my still waiting to be worn stash! I am in need of getting her out I think ASAP!

Anonymous said...

So pretty!

Girly Bits said...

Oh I really like this too! I am such a sucker for purple!

tracey said...