Monday, September 26, 2011

Can you spot the difference? OPI DS Amethyst vs. OPI DS Original

I have a request to do a comparison between OPI DS Amethyst and DS Original, so here it is!
OPI DS Amethyst vs. OPI DS Original, both with two coats
In the above photo, one finger is painted with DS Original, while the rest are with DS Amethyst. Can you tell which one is which?

Here is the answer! The middle finger is painted with Original, and the rest are with Amethyst. As you can see, Original is a darker purple than Amethyst (which is more of a pinkish, lavender purple), but the holo effects are the same with both polishes.

A closer look at the comparison
On a side note, I have been wearing DS Amethyst for three days, and apart from minimal tip wear, my mani is still as good as new! I wish OPI would make more holos like these old DSs!

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Rin said...

HOLO!!!! I have both and yes Amethyst is a lighter version of original. You need both =)

Unknown said...

Those are both pretty... but for the price and with the HTF label, I don't know what I would have both. :(

beachgal said...

Wow! I did not realize they were that close. I have the original and now I will make a note on my stash database next to DS original not to get DS Amethyst. I probably would not et Amethyst anyhow because I have a Glitter Girl shade really close to it as well as one of my super rare Nfu-Oh's is close to DS Amethyst. Love when you folks point out close shades or out right dupes. If it's a shade/hue that a collector is nuts about, they are going to get it anyway. But if it's not 'your' gotta have shade range, it helps to know these things. I so love blogging. It has refreshed my entire passion for nail polish!!! I have been collecting since HS in the 60's - thou those are all long gone. I maybe have had 4 collections in my lifetime. This current one, sadly I purged too many shades out of it in the late 90's and early 2000's. I also missed a # of collections I followed in that same time frame because I was in the hospital for a little over 2 yrs. Glad to have found your blog!!!!